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New, Used and Reconditioned Office Furniture for Sale in Phoenix

Lets take care of our workers, clients and customers by providing them the correct equipment and furniture needed to ensure their health and comfortability while doing daily tasks. Many skeletal issues are direct results from bad posture or unsafe contortion for long periods of time.

Even just the chair alone they sit it in and the amount of time they sit or stand could result in even fatal issues later long in life like blood clots. It is important that our bodies stay moving, bending and stretching for better alignment for the least ammount of stress as possible.

Herman Miller and Steel Case have nearly dissolved the ergonomical chair crisis.
Our solution for better circulation and more energy is what we call a Sit-Stand Desk. Electric powered by switch parascopes the surface up and down on a metal base ranging in heights from 27″ to 43″.

Custom Surfaces, Configurations and finishes are available

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